Cecelia Health Joins Strategic Industry Alliance to Assist During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Cecelia Health Marketing

Cecelia Health Joins Strategic Industry Alliance to Assist During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Cecelia Health is extremely excited to join Coronavirus+Diabetes, an innovative alliance between two of the world’s leading cornerstone non-profits of the diabetes community - Beyond Type 1 and the JDRF. Both non-profit organizations share many common goals with Cecelia Health, as we strive to enable people with diabetes to live the healthiest, most optimal lives possible, especially during a pandemic. This alliance will further our shared collective mission to help those in the diabetes community during this difficult time.

We have already published several helpful resources on our blog to help guide individuals living with diabetes during the pandemic. We are extremely delighted to further this cause and continue to expand on critical information sharing during this crisis to help guide our patients. Our shared common goal is to offer people crucial information to help them maintain health, safety and positive outcomes for today and the future.   

We are also partnering with healthcare organizations nationwide to provide inbound and outbound support for their patients and members during this difficult time. To learn more about this service, refer to our COVID-19 support services page.

What is the Alliance?

Members of the diabetes community are potentially among the most vulnerable to be impacted by the coronavirus. While not everyone with diabetes — Type 1 or Type 2 — has the same level of risk, the recommendations target broad changes in behavior from everyone in the diabetes community, to protect those who are the most at risk. To that end, this alliance offers an extremely helpful and informative set of guidelines, information sharing, and collective recommendations. The information has been collated from some of the most trusted medical professionals globally, with a focus on how to prepare, support and handle life during a pandemic with a serious chronic illness which could lead to potentially time sensitive and critical situations. In a recent joint statement, both non-profits emphasized that "Together, we can tap into the power of the global diabetes community to help curb the spread of COVID-19 and save lives." (Aaron Kowalski President and CEO of JDRF & Thom Scher, President and CEO of Beyond Type 1).

About Beyond Type 1

Beyond Type 1 is a nonprofit organization changing what it means to live with diabetes. Through platforms, programs, resources, and grants, Beyond Type 1 unites the global diabetes community and provides solutions to improve lives. Founded in 2015 with a focus on education, advocacy and the path to a cure for Type 1 diabetes, Beyond Type 1 has grown to also include programs for those living with Type 2 diabetes. A new model of philanthropy, Beyond Type 1 aims to change what it means to live with chronic illness. For more information, visit beyondtype1.org.

About The JDRF

The JDRF is the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. Their mission is to accelerate life-changing breakthroughs to cure, prevent and treat T1D and its complications. The JDRF has invested more than $2.2 billion in research funding since its inception. It is an organization built on a grassroots model of people connecting in their local communities, collaborating regionally for efficiency and broader fundraising impact, and uniting on a national stage to pool resources, passion, and energy. JDRF frequently collaborates with academic institutions, policymakers, and corporate and industry partners to develop and deliver a pipeline of innovative therapies to people living with T1D. Staff and volunteers throughout the United States and six international affiliates are dedicated to advocacy, community engagement and a vision of a world without T1D. For more information, visit jdrf.org.

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Orignially published on April 30, 2020, updated on April 30, 2020

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